Brick EVOCERAMIC 1/2 44 VB (3,15 €/piece; 100,80 €/m2)

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Shipping: pallet with 120 pieces 1000x1200 mm



< p> Area of ​​application Outside / inside walls, for load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls, protected by plastering

size [mm] 115/440/240

Compressive strength [N/Qmm] 10

Hole volume [%] < 50%

weight (net) / piece [kg] approx. 10

Gross density class [kg / cubic meter] cca. 810

Thermal conductivity [^ ech] [W / mK] -

Heat transmission coefficient [W / QmK] -

Heat transfer resistance [QmK / W] -

number / cubic meter of masonry 73

number / square meter Masonry 32

Mortar consumption [M5] [liters / cubic meter of masonry] -

Processing consumption [hours / cubic meter of masonry] -

grip [N/Qmm] 0. 15

Fire behavior Euroclass A1

Delivery 120 pieces / pallet 1000 x 1200 mm


  • Ensures a natural and healthy environment by maintaining the internal humidity, thus reducing the risk of mold / mildew formation. < / li>
  • Traditional architectural style without the main structure having to be carried out on frames with columns and beams made of reinforced concrete.
  • High thermal comfort, both in the cold season by maintaining the heat in the building and in the warm season by preventing the warm air from entering from outside.
  • High noise protection by reducing disturbing background air - and street noise
  • Fire protection, they are not flammable products that contribute to the development of a fire
  • Long-term valuable due to the high durability eit thermal insulation, protected by the ceramic coating of the brick
  • Ecological construction, modern and future-oriented that combines traditional brick making technology with the advantages of basalt wool insulation.
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  • Simple operation through traditional manufacturing. Plastering with classic mortar or thermal solvent, whereby the thermal insulation is integrated in the ceramic blocks.