A reference name in the perfection of processing natural stone for customers from all over the world

We promote the inclusion of Nature into everyday life through the beauties of the ornamental natural stone. The company's strategy is to develop a business relationship based on trust with our customers. We owe this trust to the proven high quality of the products, the beauty of which is only surpassed by their resilience.

The company's own need for raw materials in the form of blocks of marble is covered by the following quarries from Romania: a marble quarry, two limestone quarries, two travertine quarries and an andesite quarry.

We offer the following products for exports: Stone blocks (as raw materials), panels and a wide selection of horizontal or vertical claddings, decorative elements consisting of solid stone carvings or components machined on CNC machines (balusters, columns, chimneys, kitchen worktops or bathroom panels ...), furniture elements for street and parking facilities. Our cladding production includes both standard dimensions and special claddings made at the customer's request. We have high-performance equipment and tools with which the production of various surface finishes is possible: from polishing, grinding, plaster processing, brushing and sandblasting to antique look processing.

are major projects primarily our wish.

Over the past 10 years, Rușchița marble has been used successfully in world-famous projects all over the world, which have earned it a high reputation and special recognition. such as: Kowloon Station (Hong Kong), Ardmore Park (Singapore), Marunouchi Center, Soka and Roppongi Asahi TV (Japan), or in special buildings such as the Sultan's Palace in Brunei, the BBC headquarters in Mannheim (Germany) , the Gianni Versace house and the Villa Rebecca in Miami (USA) or Michael Schumacher's villa in Monte Carlo.