Balcony railing, Zeus, code: B12

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The configuration of the panel allows for efficient air circulation without putting pressure on the panel. The result is a well ventilated garden with constant fresh air.
The interweaving of the slats gives the panel additional stability and creates the impression of a uniform aluminum wall.

Colors: Anthracite gray, brown

Material: Aluminum

Size: 1000 mm x 2000 mm  

 1 post

Baluster plate components:

  • 1 x current hand
  • 8 x slats per panel for a height of 1000 mm
  • 2 x poles
  • 20 x spacers for the oval slats
  • 4 x 3 cm or 6 cm spacers
  • 4 x profiles for closing column trenches
  • 2 x plastic post covers
  • 2 x cover plate for the mast
  • 2 x rod holder

Surface: Electrostatically painted.
Aluminum alloy: 6063.
Warranty: 5 years

*The product comes with all accessories