Container with complete sanitary unit 6140 L x 2400 L x 2680 H outside

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  • 1 PVC external door cu ½ double glazed window 900 x 2050
  • 1 interior door made of solid PVC 800 x 2000
  • 1 PVC window with insulating glass 1000 x 1100
  • 1 PVC window cu thermal glass 500 x 500 - sanitary unit
  • The sanitary toilet is equipped with:
      •  1 sink + 1 faucet
      •  1 mirror set
      •  1 toilet bowl + refrigerator
      • 1 shower tray
      •  1 cauldron
      •  Water supply installation + PPR fittings
      •  PVC drain installation
  • 2 PT switches
  • 2 PT sockets
  • 1 lampă neon tubes 2x36W
  • 1 lampă neon tubes 2x18W
  • 1 electrical panel with automatic fuses (16 A și 25 A)
  • 1 external 220 V protective socket

*Color RAL 9002 (white/gray)


The container has a structure made of galvanized steel profiles and is painted in the electrostatic field RAL 9002.

The sandwich panel walls are made of 0.4 galvanized sheet filled with polyurethane foam. Frame the upper one has gutters through which the rainwater flows away.

Loading and overloading

- Payload of the roof 140 kg/sqm

- Payload of the floor 200 kg/m2

- Permitted wind speed 100 km/h

The transshipment is done with the help of a crane. The container can be hung above

the 4 lifting pieces.


The structure is made of galvanized steel profiles suitable for the installation of connected panels

between them by tubular crossbars.


The roof consists of galvanized steel profiles with brackets for mounting the panels

connected to the walls and used as channels for the eaves. The roof is connected to the structure

The base is made of sturdy galvanized steel bars.


- Structure: made of networked profiles with metal profiles shaped in “Omega” shape

- The floor is based on a corrugated iron structure, covered with OSB with linoleum.


The side walls are thermally insulated (40 mm thick panels).

The ceiling is thermally insulated with 40 mm thick sandwich panels.

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