Standard container with 6140 L x 2400 l x 2680 H outside. (2400 hrs int)

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  • 1 full PVC/METAL external door or ½ double glazed window 900 x 2050
  • 1 PVC window with insulating glass 1000 x 1100
  • 1 PT switch
  • 1 double PT outlet
  • 1 neon tube lamp 2x36 W
  • 1 electrical panel with automatic fuses (16 A and 25 A)
  • 1 external 220 V protective socket

The floor is made of corrugated iron, OSB and linoleum

The walls are made of sandwich panels with 40 mm thick polyurethane foam 

 *Color RAL 9002 White-gray

**The container model and equipment can be configured according to customer requirements



The container has a structure made of galvanized steel profiles and is painted in the electrostatic field RAL 9002.

The sandwich panel walls are made of 0.4 galvanized sheet metal filled with polyurethane foam. The upper frame has gutters through which rainwater drains.

Loading and unloading:

- Roof load capacity 140 kg/sqm

- Floor load capacity 200 kg/m2

- Permissible wind speed 100 km/h

The handling is carried out using a crane. The container can be suspended via

the 4 lifting pieces.


The structure is made of galvanized steel profiles suitable for the installation of connected panels between them through tubular crossbars.


The roof is made of galvanized steel profiles with brackets for the assembly of the panels

connected to the walls and used as channels for the eaves. The roof is connected to the structure and the base is made of sturdy galvanized steel rods.




-Structure: made of cross-linked profiles with metal profiles shaped in an "omega" shape

-The floor is based on a corrugated sheet structure, covered with OSB with linoleum.


The side walls are thermally insulated (40 mm thick panels).

The ceiling is thermally insulated with 40 mm thick sandwich panels.


For the installation of individual modules, i.e. placement on one level, this applies, no foundation is needed. The containers can be mounted on concrete slabs or on a concrete slab.

          *The warranty is 12 months from the date of delivery.

        **Delivery time 20-30 working days from firm order, signing of contract and        advance payment.

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