Garden shed, tool storage box, galvanized steel, code: 30-003

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SkyBox storage - the premium solution for storing tools in the garden

If you are looking for a durable and modern storage solution for your garden tools, the SkyBox shed is the perfect option. This galvanized sheet and pipe storage shed is a great choice for storing your tools in a practical and well-organized space.

With its modern and elegant design, the SkyBox shed can be easily integrated into any garden, and the two side ventilation slots ensure optimal air circulation in the shed. The stainless steel lock comes with five keys, ensuring the safety of your tools.

The shed door has three handles and four hooks to make organizing your tools easier. A hydraulic damper ensures easy and quiet opening and closing, while corner brackets attached to each corner of the shed ensure a firm hold in the ground.

The SkyBox warehouse is equipped with a sloping, waterproof roof that allows water to escape, preventing water from accumulating in the warehouse. There is also a cylindrical hole in the roof to which a downspout can be connected to drain the water.



2 boxes = 0.34 cubic meters

Drain pipe

Hole only


Anthracite gray RAL 7016

Door opening



2 ventilation openings

Threshold height


Ceiling height



galvanized steel

Snow resistance

100 kg/m2


Length 1460 mm,

Width 1970 mm,

Height 2010 mm