Brick EVOCERAMIC 24 LM, 430/240/238 mm

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  • Brick with recess for mortar and guide elements
  • Dimensions: 430/240/238 mm
  • Masonry type: inside/outside; load-bearing masonry
  • Wall thickness: 240 mm

***Prices depend on quantity and location

    ***Minimum order quantity: 1 pallet

    Technical data


    430/240/238 mm

    Average compressive strength (fb, med)

    12.5 N/mm²

    Thermal resistance

    0.98 m2K/W

    Empty volume


    Average weight/stone

    approx. 19kg

    Bulk density

    approx. 740 kg/m³

    Reaction to fire

    Class A1

    Number of bricks/m³ masonry

    39 pieces

    Number of bricks/m² of masonry

    9 pcs.

    Mortar consumption per m³ of masonry

    94 liters/m³

    Work effort/m³ of masonry

    2.59 ore/m³

    Type of masonry

    Load-bearing masonry

    Construction goal


    Number of bricks/pallet (1000x1200mm)

    60 pieces/pallet

    Number of m³ masonry/pallet

    1.55 m³/pallet